2018 Winter Seminar

Paradise Lost - Paradise Restored?



Our overall theme is loosely structured from The Greening of Christianity by the trust’s former theologian and lecturer Rev. Professor Sir Lloyd Geering. His thinking covered the territory of Naomi Klein’s later book This Changes Everything.

That book suggested that when we really take the challenges of climate change seriously it changes everything. Klein names capitalism as the foe but Sir Lloyd’s analysis was broader. The book made plain that the future of the earth is in our hands; social solidarity and altruism need to be at the heart of what we do; we must recognise our inter-dependence and respond to the ecological imperative for the benefit of future generations and democracies can only act to make the needed changes when they have broad public consensus.

Sir Lloyd’s 10 suggested resolutions. Summarised they suggest a need to:

  • Adopt an attitude of wonder and reverence towards the world
  • Develop a philosophy of care for the world
  • Build a society-wide altruism & community towards the globalised world

Please join us for a seminar reflecting on what we have lost in the de-greening of the earth and exploring ways in which we might grow our understanding of inclusion and diversity to create a new paradise which honours Ecumenical, Economic and Ecological values.

Our speakers are:

On Friday evening

  • Rev Dr Susan Jones on Calling out imperialism?
  • Andrew Butler will talk about his work with Sir Geoffrey Palmer on a constitution for New Zealand.
  • Psychologist and Asst Professor Niki Harré  will present on her latest book “The Infinite Game”

On Saturday morning

  • Professor Jonathon Boston on safeguarding the future and anticipatory governance
  • Wellington’s Deputy Mayor Jill Day on Matariki and local government well-beings
  • Professor Paul Morris will be talking about the new physics (new materialism) and what that means for the relationships between us.

After lunch on Saturday we have a panel of:

  • Rev. Dr Rosalind Jiko McIntosh — Zen Peacemakers and UNA Wellington will speak about the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Doctoral candidate and co-founder of Mindfulness for Change Nick Laurence will talk about ethics and mindfulness.
  • Nadia Webster will talk on the future of the public sector.

When: Friday 22 June, 7 - 9 pm, (Tea & Coffee from 6:30 pm
           Saturday 23 June 9:30 am - 3pm (Morning tea and Lunch Included)

Where: St Andrew's on The Terrace - in the church

Costs: (Friday Only) $10 one person $15 2 people/couple
           (Friday & Sat (or Sat alone)  $30 (waged); $20 (unwaged); $15 (student)

Registration: Form can be downloaded from HERE, Flier and Registration form from HERE