About Us

What we do

Incorporated in 1984 as a charitable trust to establish a centre in the city of Wellington, St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society addresses a broad range of issues related to the study of religion and society. 

While St. Andrew’s Church is Presbyterian Christian, the Trust enjoys exploring spiritual paths and recognises all spiritual seeking as valuable.

Lectures and Lecture Series

Each year the Trust arranges a combination of lectures, seminars and conferences with local, national and international speakers.


A series of lectures is presented each year by our former principal lecturer, Lloyd Geering, and an overseas speaker is invited to give a Geering Lecture series every second year.

Speakers are encouraged to present their ideas within a framework of current societal trends and with reference to the relevance of religious belief and practice in an increasingly secular and globalised environment.

Other events are organised on issues and themes that relate to the core areas of the Trust’s work. Lectures are generally held at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington.

From these lectures we produced booklets, CDs and DVDs. From future events, we intend to offer freely downloadable PDFs, audio and video. Over time our older material will be made freely available also.


Each year in September we will be organising a mini conference/seminar starting with a free, public talk on a Friday evening with an all-day conference the following day.


The Lloyd Geering Lectureship Fund

The Geering Lectures were inaugurated in 1997. Named after the Trust’s former principal lecturer, Professor Lloyd Geering, and supported by this special fund, a visiting lecturer is invited to St Andrew’s every second year.